Size matters

In France as is the case in most countries, it is the law to have and carry an Identity Card. In France you are liable as from the age of 14. Within the EU, it is the only document you need to travel which is a good thing because as opposed to a passport, it is free of charge.

Smaller, more secure

Finally there is a new ID card on the horizon. It is the size of a credit card, smaller and more secure. It consists of an electronic chip with biometric elements. It contains all the usual information: surname, first name, date and place of birth, sex, nationality, address and date of validity.

No longer the need for a separate wallet

It also has a QR code with the same information, which will allow for quick detection of possible fraud if the photo has been changed. There will be a digitised photo and two fingerprints, except for minors aged twelve. 
These fingerprints will not be kept in the national file if the cardholder so requests. This more secure national identity card will be valid for ten years instead of fifteen. The aim of this new generation card is to combat fraud and identity theft. It also makes it easier to identify oneself for online procedures.

Info from the Interior Ministry

France had until this summer to comply with the European regulation on the security of its identity documents.

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