More books to read

Walked into town this afternoon to get a couple of books on my wanted list.

Although Marseille is in my heart, I was born in Paris

Note from the author

Paris, my city, I have seen it change at the same time as me, deceiving my landmarks, shaking my certainties, healing its wounds, thinking I liked it. I have seen it metamorphose, change constantly, abandon old skins that were dear to me, make me accept its whims, give in to new passions, succumb to a few illusions, redesign itself as one reinvents oneself while remaining oneself. A life, a city.

This one had to be ordered

With this album, discover Paris as never seen before. Basile Dell and Jérémie Lippmann, two brothers, one passionate about photography, the other about model making, had a childhood dream: to explore the capital through the eyes of a bird. Using the most modern technologies for this project, they used the drone to give their photographs an unprecedented artistic dimension. Enthused by the project, David Foenkinos wrote an original and poetic tale about the adventure of a bird who comes to Paris to find his beloved. Throughout his quest, he discovers the thousand and one faces of the capital.

📖 📖 📖

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