France Service


Apply for a vehicle registration document, apply for RSA, fill in your tax return online… Do you need help with an online procedure? Would digital assistance make your life easier? Less than 30 minutes from your home, France services agents welcome you and help you with all your daily administrative procedures at a one-stop public services centre.

Where can you find the France services near you?

You will find the contact details and opening hours of the France services nearest to you among the 1304 currently approved on the France services campaign page or interactive map. You can search by entering your address, the name of your commune or its postcode.

To know more: In 2022, more than 2000 France services will be deployed throughout France.

What services are offered and for which procedures?

France services is a one-stop shop that provides access to the main public service organisations in one place: the Public Finance Department, the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), the Health Insurance Department, the Retirement Insurance Department, the Ministry of the Interior, the Job Centre, the Post Office, the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA) and the Ministry of Justice.

Some examples of services offered:

◆Help with administrative formalities: helping you to register your vehicle or apply for the activity allowance, for example.
◆Job search: helping you write CVs and cover letters, guiding you in using the website.
◆Reimbursement of healthcare costs: guide you in using the website and the mobile application.
◆Preparing for retirement: creating your personal space, simulating your benefits, submitting or withdrawing your file on the internet.
◆Dealing with a dispute or conflict: providing you with an initial reception and directing you to a local access to law scheme or to a legal professional.

In addition to this service base, users benefit from local partnerships between France Services and local support structures: local missions, CCAS or access to digital initiation workshops for users.

In order to respond to your individual situation, various services are provided within the scope of the services offered by the public services partners of the programme (tax situation, health, family, retirement, employment, identity documents, etc.):

◆general information on the procedures offered by the operators (answers to questions, assistance with everyday administrative procedures such as tax returns, management of the withholding tax, renewal of identity papers, driving licences and vehicle registration documents, etc.);
◆digital support to encourage learning and develop its use (creation of an e-mail address, printing or scanning of documents needed to compile administrative files, creation of your identifiers to access the online public service, etc.);
◆assistance with online procedures (browsing operators’ websites, simulating benefits, requesting documents online, etc.);
◆advice on resolving complex cases with the help of correspondents within the network of partners.

In addition to administrative formalities, you also have access to self-service computer stations.

Who will accompany you?

On site, at least two trained staff members will welcome you to help you with your daily administrative procedures.

A few recommendations before you go

For most procedures, you need to have an e-mail address: remember to bring your e-mail login and password if you already have one. If you do not have one, no problem, you will be accompanied to create a personal e-mail address.

Depending on the steps you are taking, it is useful to bring some of your identifiers (CAF benefit numbers, social security number, Pôle Emploi identification number) or certain documents: health insurance card, tax notice, latest pay slips, a CV on paper or USB key, etc.

If you have a question about the procedures proposed or the documents needed to complete them, contact the France services nearest you directly by visiting the France services interactive map.

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