Daily Post – April 28th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

405 days since the 1st lockdown in March 2020


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● Thanks to the figures communicated this Tuesday by Santé publique France, here is the balance sheet of the epidemic in the region, in the Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales.

As of 27 April, the region had 1,859 patients hospitalised for Covid, 14 fewer than the previous day. Some 396 of them are being treated in critical care units (intensive care unit, intensive care unit or continuous care unit), 3 more in 24 hours. Of these 1,859, some 964 were cared for in conventional hospitals (-22), 482 in follow-up care or long-term care units (+2) and 17 in other institutions (+3).

In addition, 4,118 deaths due to Covid were recorded in health establishments in the region, i.e. 18 more than the previous day. And 18,749 people have been able to return home since the beginning of the epidemic, including 141 since the previous day. More than 1,000 people returned home in the Aude.

In Aude, the number of people hospitalised for Covid reached 152 on Tuesday (5 less in 24 hours). Of these 152 patients, 20 are in critical care (resuscitation, intensive care or continuous monitoring) (stable), 77 in conventional hospitalization (-5), 54 in follow-up or long-term care (stable) and 1 in another type of establishment (stable). In the department, 333 deaths due to Covid are to be deplored, including one in 24 hours. On Tuesday, the Aude region passed the threshold of 1,000 people returning home, with 1,005 people having left hospital since March, 7 more than the day before.

In the Pyrénées-Orientales on 27 April, 164 patients are being treated in hospitals in the department, 5 less than on Monday. Among these 164, some 22 patients are being treated in critical care (resuscitation, intensive care or continuous monitoring), i.e. 4 less in 24 hours. In addition, 76 patients were admitted to conventional hospitals (-8), 64 to follow-up or long-term care (s+7) and 2 to other structures (stable). One additional death has occurred since Monday. In total, 286 people have died in hospital in the department since March 2020. Finally, 1,187 patients were able to return home, i.e. +18 in 24 hours.


What is known about the expected progressive re-opening

From May onwards, terraces, cultural venues, restaurants and sports halls, which have been closed for months because of Covid-19, should gradually reopen. Here are the elements already leaked by the executive, before a speech by Emmanuel Macron expected in the coming days.

On the sidelines of a trip to Melun on Monday to mark the start of the new school year, the president himself outlined several avenues for the weeks to come, insisting that the lifting of restrictions would be done “very slowly”.

Reopening in stages, towards gauges by region

The reopening will take place in several stages to “give visibility until July”, declared the Head of State. Firstly, on 3 May: at national level, the end of travel limited to 10 or 30 km around the home and the return of secondary school pupils to school.

Second stage, just before or just after the Ascension weekend (15/16 May): opening of terraces, places of culture and some shops. These reopenings should also be national. But the gauges will vary according to the regions, depending on the circulation of the virus.

The next two stages, which will concern indoor restaurants in particular, should take place at the beginning of June, and then “in mid or late June”. They could be territorialised. “I don’t think we can reopen restaurants, say at the end of May or in June, in departments where it is still circulating a lot” but “in other (departments) where it has dropped a lot, I think we will have to open them”, he told residents of Melun. “For the theatre, cinema and others, we can see that if we limit the number, we will be able to reopen them in the first phases,” he added.

Each stage will depend on the evolution of the health situation (incidence and vaccination rates or presence of variants). According to the executive, the objective is not to “stop and go”, in other words to reopen and then close again.

Discussions on shops, sports halls and festivals

Discussions are still underway with Bercy, sector by sector, to determine the size of the shops that can reopen as well as the size of the stores, which could vary according to the territory. As for sports halls, the president mentioned an opening at the beginning of June but “not before”. The decision on festivals remains unknown. The only clue is that the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot, said she was confident that the Printemps de Bourges festival would be held at the end of June. If the capacity chosen is very low, for example in seats and with only one seat out of three, some organisers could give up.

The Minister of Public Transformation and the Civil Service, Amélie de Montchalin, also spoke of the possibility of a reduction in the number of people working from home on Tuesday, speaking on Europe 1. “Today we encourage the French to telework as much as possible, but there will come a day when we will stop saying that it is necessarily a minimum of four days a week,” she said, referring to a timetable that will be specified in order to “organise things”.

A lighter curfew?

The curfew, currently set at 7pm, is the main adjustment variable in the decontainment process and is considered to be very effective in containing the virus. It should remain at this time on 3 May. But Emmanuel Macron said Monday that the government would “try to shift it a little, because 7pm is very early”. Without giving a date. The subject is discussed within the government between the economic line and the health line.

As at each major turning point in the crisis, the President will announce this schedule to the French, probably before 5 May. The government spokesman, Gabriel Attal, indicated on Monday that the president would speak “shortly” to “give the stages of the reopening calendar”. Rather than an address, Emmanuel Macron could opt for a television interview or a press conference. 


  • India has sharply reversed course from its earlier success just a month ago in handling the coronavirus pandemic. The country just surpassed a devastating milestone — 352,991 new infections Monday, a world record for the fifth straight day that raised the country’s total number of cases past 17 million since the pandemic began. 195,123 people have died from the virus — a catastrophe not just domestically, but for the world.
  • 92 developing nations rely on India’s Serum Institute, the world’s largest vaccine maker, for the doses needed to protect their populations. The situation’s become so dire that the Institute, which manufactures the AstraZeneca vaccine, said it will not be able to meet its international commitments amid India’s shortage. Plus, the virus keeps mutating exponentially; India’s new variant called B.1.617 has already been identified in at least 10 countries, including the US and Britain.
  • 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳


    I had a quick check on the EU vaccination efforts compared to the other major blocks.


    Almost evrytime I go to the Le Mans 24h race I purchase a model car as a souvenir. I have tried a few of the scales available 1:12 – 1:18 – 1:24 – 1:43 – 1:87 and have now decided that 1:43 suits me best.

    I have not yet found a shop in Carcassonne which specialises in such models. I am looking for 3 specific models right now:



    I clearly remember the film and buying the LP. Souvenirs, souvenirs. Great stuff.

    Thank you Philippe for reminding us of this master piece early this morning



    It looks like all eggs have now hatched and we have 5 healthy chicks



    Not good at all today, in fact very chilly. Unfortunately it will remain the same for the next couple of days.



    Bison Futé
    Vigie Crues
    Open Street Map

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      Only one wrong comment. ! The senior man ils not in a Ferrari, I think it’s probably a Lamborghini..🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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