Day out

The plan was to drive to the coast, now that it is allowed again, and go for a walk on and around the “Plateau de Leucate” which we particularly like and have a picnic watching the sea from the top of the cliffs.

Good plan, execpt we did not take today’s extremely strong wind into account

No fear, there is always a plan B and since we were in the area why not go and check on the construction’s progress of the beach bungalows in time for the season opening in 2 weeks.

Well, there is no sign of any activity on the one we like in Port Leucate… What is going on? In fact the beaches are completely deserted. The wind?

Back in the car for a drive past a couple of boats we know

One on the sand

and one on the water

We decide to pay a surprise visit to our friends in La Soler but first a stop in the old town of Perpignan to have a sandwich, al restaurants are unfortunately still closed). I really like this more-Catalan-than-even-Barcelona town.

Our friends are home, time for a coffee and catch-up chat

Fairly short 1 hour+ drive home tobeat the rush hour and curfew

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