Daily Post – May 12th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

418 days in Carcassonne since

1st lockdown in March 2020


▫️ ARS

The director of the Regional Health Agency was able to announce on 11 May an improvement in the epidemic situation in Occitania. Thanks to a vaccination campaign that is accelerating, with a record number of injections at the beginning of the month, the rate of contamination is finally falling.

Extremely well oriented indicators” which “confirm a downward trend”. The elements delivered this Tuesday 11 May by the Director General of the ARS Occitanie were expected. Yes, the epidemic situation is finally improving in the region, as elsewhere in France. Encouraging figures, more than a year after the beginning of an epidemic that has already caused more than 4,200 deaths in Occitania.

ARS confirms “a downward trend
In Occitania, the incidence rate is now established at 130 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate is 4%.


In the Aude departement, the incidence rate is down to 132,54


10/05: Fully vaccinated persons are now exempt from PCR testing to enter Cyprus.
10/05: Morocco has extended the state of health emergency until 10 June.
10/05: Travellers from 12 countries will be able to travel to England without quarantine from 17 May, but France is not one of them.
10/05: French Polynesia will not open to travellers from mainland France without compelling reasons until July.
10/05: Tunisia has put in place a new general lockdown from 9 to 16 May.
07/05: The quarantine requirement for entry into France has been extended to seven additional countries: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar. For these countries, a PCR test of 36 hours (instead of 72 hours) or a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours accompanied by a negative antigen test of less than 24 hours is now required.
07/05: Australia‘s borders may not fully reopen until mid to late 2022.

▫️ UK DEATHS Not due to Covid but related

Alcohol deaths hit 20-year high in lockdown: UK data

Alcohol deaths in England and Wales have reached the highest levels in 20 years following a sharp rise since the start of COVID lockdown, according to government data released on Thursday.

The figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed there had been 7,423 deaths directly caused by misuse of alcohol a 20 percent rise from 2019.

The steep rise was driven by a 17 percent increase in the second quarter of the year, after the UK began its first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, with 22 percent and 28 percent rises in the quarters that followed.

Source: medicalxpress.com

It might be worth remembering that the sale of alcohol was banned in certain departements in France during the 1st lockdown. Brittany for example.


On May 19th cinemas will finally reopen. I cannot wait to see the inside of the newly renovated Colisée here in Carcassonne.



Our friend Vibeke has already informed us by mail of this event. Yesterday I received the official email from our friend Alphonse (Président Occitanie du club Prosper Montagné & Président des Compagnons de Prosper Montagné)


Chers Compagnons , chers Amis, 

Les Compagnons de Prosper Montagné vont accompagner pour la fête des Mères le 30 mai 2021 les « Toqués d’Oc » organisé par le groupe La Dépêche , l’Indépendant, Midi Libre.

Le thème retenu est  « De la Terre à l’Assiette ». 

Il sera distribué ce jour-là 500 box gourmandes à emporter au CFA Purple Campus. 

L’entrée et le plat sont réalisés par Atelier des Saveurs – Hôtel de la Cité, le dessert par Rémi Touja, le pain par la boulangerie boulangerie Papineau. 

Ce menu sera proposé à 30 euros , un versement de 2€ sera destiné pour la recherche sur le cancer du sein.  

Nous offrirons une rose de la fleuriste Muriel BAILET et un Crémant de Limoux brut 2018 de la maison Antech pour deux box commandées.

Une photo de groupe , dans votre plus belle tenue,  sera faite le mardi 18 mai à 11h devant l’établissement (arriver un peu avant)  . Rédaction et photographe du groupe seront présent.

PURPLE CAMPUS -705 Av G GUILLE 11000 CARCASSONNE.   Nous comptons sur votre présence.

Voir ci-après le lien de présentation et de réservation : 


Surtout n’hésitez pas à relayer ce lien dans vos contacts.

Dans l’attente du plaisir de nous voir.

Amitiés gourmandes.


Dear Companions, dear Friends,

The Companions of Prosper Montagné will accompany the “Toqués d’Oc” on Mother’s Day, 30 May 2021, organised by the group La Dépêche, l’Indépendant, Midi Libre.

The theme chosen is “From the Earth to the Plate”.

On that day, 500 gourmet boxes will be distributed to take away at the CFA Purple Campus.
The starter and main course are made by Atelier des Saveurs – Hôtel de la Cité, the dessert by Rémi Touja, the bread by the Papineau bakery.

This menu will be offered at 30 euros, a payment of 2€ will go to breast cancer research.

We will offer a rose from the florist Muriel BAILET and a Crémant de Limoux brut 2018 from Antech for every two boxes ordered.

A group photo, in your best outfit, will be taken on Tuesday 18 May at 11am in front of the establishment (arrive a little earlier). The editor and group photographer will be present.

PURPLE CAMPUS -705 Av G GUILLE 11000 CARCASSONNE. We count on your presence.

See below the link for presentation and booking:


Please do not hesitate to relay this link to your contacts.

We look forward to seeing you.

Gourmet greetings

▫️ MUSIC OF 1970

Another Top Hit in France at that time

Very popular at parties

From the same artist a year later, also very popular at parties

“wink, wink, see what I mean !”

🎶 / 🎶 / 🎶

▫️ A CENTURY AGO (Merci Valerie pour ces images)

A brief historical reminder

The most severe pandemic in history was the Spanish Flu of 1918. It lasted 2 years, in 3 waves of infection with 500 million people infected and a total of 50 million deaths.
Most deaths occurred during the 2nd wave of infection.
The population was so unhappy with the quarantine and social distancing measures, that when the first deconfinement took place, the population began to rejoice in the streets, abandoning all restrictions.
In the weeks that followed, the second wave of contamination arrived, with tens of millions of deaths.
It is often said that history repeats itself. Let’s not let history repeat itself. Let’s be disciplined and stay on top of things.

Barcelona May 9th at the start of the latest deconfinement

I expect we shall have similar episodes on May 19th in France



🇫🇷 Trou du cul – 🇬🇧 Asshole


A little bit better than yesterday.

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