Nice day out

We decided to go to the coast and walk up to the Plateau de Leucate for a picnic lunch overlooking the sea. A good way to exercise my brother’s 2 dogs.

After having parked the cars in the village, we stopped at this little rotisserie in the middle of town and purchased Curry Chicken with vegetables sandwiches. They turned out to be excellent.

The very pleasant and gentle walk up from the village is around 4km mainly through vines.

Then suddenly you are on top of the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. The sun is shining, it is, as usual, a little bit windy. Time to sit down, rest and have something to it.

Time to walk down via another path which also offers some nice views. I particularly like the approach and view of Leucate Village where the cars are parked.

I decided, as I often do, to avoid the motorway on the way back home and follow “La route 20” = Wine route. It is also only a slight detour to the Chateau Ollieux Romanis which produces one of my favorite wine and funny enough I am running out. The place is being renovated and they moved the shop a couple of hundred yards away next to the pool.

I cannot think of a better place to taste and purchase a few cases.

I am back home now, sitting out with a well deserved beer. Apéritif will be in about 30 minutes. Life is hard.

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  1. Aline Lantrua says:

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