Daily Post – May 16th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

422 days in Carcassonne since

1st lockdown in March 2020



The situation of the epidemic in the region, in the Aude and the Pyrénées-Orientales this Saturday according to the figures of Santé publique France.

In the Aude, this Saturday evening, 109 people are hospitalised (1 less than Friday): 53 in conventional hospitalisation (+1), 10 in intensive care (-1), 45 in follow-up or long-term care (-1 compared to Friday) and 1 in other structures.
1 additional death was recorded on Saturday. In total, 354 people have died from Covid in the department.

In the Pyrénées-Orientales, 146 patients are hospitalised this Saturday (-6 in 24 hours): 70 in conventional hospitalisation (-5), 17 in intensive care (-1 compared to Friday), 57 in follow-up care or long-term care (the same as Friday) and 2 in other structures.
No additional deaths were reported in the Pyrénées-Orientales on Saturday. The department counts 309 victims of Covid.

In the Occitanie region, this Saturday evening, 1333 people are hospitalised because of the Covid (-46 in 24 hours): 618 in conventional hospitalisation (-36), 259 in intensive care (-5), 439 in follow-up or long-term care (-4 compared to Friday) and 17 in other sectors (-1).
In total, 4382 inhabitants of the Occitanie region have died from Covid-19, including 6 in the last 24 hours.


The Prime Minister M. Jean Castex announced that the target of 20 million first-time vaccinations was reached on Saturday evening and that we are now aiming for 30 million by June 15th as presented last March.

The actual official data for Saturday May 15th won’t be available before this evening and can then be verified.


14/05: Compulsory quarantine to enter France extended to Colombia, Uruguay, Costa Rica and BahrainNEW

14/05: Vaccinated people no longer need a PCR test to enter Greece.
14/05: People who have been vaccinated or have had covid no longer need a PCR test to enter Germany.
14/05: France’s border reopening strategy has been published:

“Within the European Union, travel facilitated by the health pass To travel within the European Union, it is currently not necessary to justify the reason for travel, but prior testing obligations (-72h) are required.

The government is working with the other Member States on a “green pass” to support the resumption of tourism and facilitate border crossings through common standards.

While the test is already an element of proof used, this “green pass” will enable travellers to show that they have been fully vaccinated at border controls.

For travellers entering France from outside the European Union, tourist flows will be reopened from 9 June depending on the health situation in these countries. France will have a policy of controlling entry to its territory that is proportionate to the health situation in each third country, in accordance with a vision shared with the other Member States of the European Union.

  • For countries in which the virus is not actively circulating, and in which no variants of concern have been identified (“green countries”), flows may be resumed under much more flexible arrangements.
  • For countries where the virus is actively circulating but in controlled proportions, and without the spread of variants of concern (“orange countries”), the conditions for entry into France will be more restrictive, particularly for unvaccinated travellers.
  • Finally, a European emergency mechanism will aim to establish a list of “red countries” for which drastic measures will be implemented, in view of the epidemic circulation in these countries, as well as the presence of variants of concern: strict limitation of people authorised to travel, tests on boarding and arrival, strictly controlled isolation and quarantine measures.

Pending European harmonisation of the criteria for classifying “red countries”, and in order to protect the French without delay, France has already put in place these drastic measures for incoming flows from the following countries: Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (list as of 10 May 2021).

For EU citizens wishing to travel outside the European Union, it is necessary to find out in advance about the entry restrictions and health situation in the destination country.

  • Travel conditions will depend on the entry restrictions applied by each country.
  • It is still not advisable to travel to “orange countries” and it is strongly recommended not to travel to “red countries”.

12/05: Reopening of borders: France expects reciprocity from the United States.
12/05 : The suspension of international flights to and from Nepal is extended at least until 31 May.
12/05: Self-tests are now accepted to enter the United States. However, you still need to have spent at least 14 days outside the Schengen area to enter the country.
11/05: Thailand may fully reopen its borders by 1 January 2022.

10/05: Fully vaccinated persons are now exempt from PCR testing to enter Cyprus.
10/05: Morocco has extended the state of health emergency until 10 June.
10/05: Travellers from 12 countries will be able to travel to England without quarantine from 17 May, but France is not one of them.
10/05: French Polynesia will not open to travellers from mainland France without compelling reasons until July.
10/05: Tunisia has put in place a new general lockdown from 9 to 16 May.
07/05: The quarantine requirement for entry into France has been extended to seven additional countries: Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Qatar. For these countries, a PCR test of 36 hours (instead of 72 hours) or a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours accompanied by a negative antigen test of less than 24 hours is now required.
07/05: Australia‘s borders may not fully reopen until mid to late 2022.


For a change a new French artist I discovered only yesterday

Here is a song from his new album

🎶 / 🎶 / 🎶


Not only Chateau Ollieux Romanis is one of my favorite local wine, they have been working on a new bar & restaurant on their estate. The Touketa is opening on the 19th of May and for sure needs to be tried asap.

This place of interaction is simple and enhanced by the cuisine of our chef Arthur. On the plate, beautiful, good and local food. On the glass side, many of the Artisans Partisans’ wines are ready to be tasted.

Reservations recommended: due to current health conditions, places may be limited.

04 68 43 35 20 or 06 33 99 55 76

Opening hours
Monday – Tuesday: 12pm to 3pm
Wednesday: closed
Thursday to Sunday: 12pm to 8.30pm



▫️ FUN


I do not mind a bit of rain today, I have no intention of going out but it must be sunny and warm on the 19th for the reopening of bars and restaurants. I shall be off to the beach and meet up with a friend.


🔸 SpaceX Starship SN15: slo-mo video captures jaw-dropping flight 

🔸 NASA’s Voyager 1 detects faint, monotone hum beyond our solar system

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