Daily Post – June 17th

Living through a pandemic

in the south of France

453 days in Carcassonne since

1st lockdown in March 2020



The wearing of masks outdoors is no longer compulsory from this Thursday 17 June 2021, as announced by Jean Castex on Wednesday at the end of the health defence council.

The Prime Minister justified this decision, in addition to the total lifting of the curfew from Sunday 20 June, by a “positive evolution” of the health situation in France.

This decision follows an opinion received by the government on Tuesday from the High Council for Public Health on the wearing of masks outdoors. The prefectural decrees governing the wearing of masks outdoors must therefore be modified as of Thursday.

But beware, it will still be necessary to wear it in certain circumstances. “When we gather, when we are in a crowded place, a queue, on a market or in the stands of a stadium,” said the head of government.

In addition, Matignon told franceinfo in the evening that the mask would no longer be compulsory in the playground for children over 6 years, after an opinion of the High Authority of Health. Contacted for more details by actu.fr, the government has not yet responded to our requests.

Of course, wearing a mask remains mandatory in enclosed spaces, “particularly at work, in shops, in transport and in any place where people gather”, said Jean Castex.

What if I don’t wear a mask where it is mandatory?
As a reminder, failure to wear a mask in a place where it is compulsory is punishable by a fine of €135, increased to €375 if not paid within 45 days.

At the request of the President of the Republic, surveillance has been reinforced concerning the arrival and spread of the Delta variant, which is particularly virulent in certain departments such as the Landes.

Summary in French but easy to understand


The Rate in the Aude departement is at the lowest since a long time.

It now stands at 21,46

▫️ LOCAL NEWS from David and Mike

Perhaps you already know Jean-Francois Vassal and Valérie Michel. Their company is ILC – Centre d’Histoire Vivante Médiévale https://ilc-lacite.fr . Jean-François — or Jef — gives tours and makes presentations about life and culture in La Cité and the region in the medieval era. They host medieval reenactments as well. However, they have decided to relocate from La Cité to Le Puy en Velay; they will give tours and host conferences up there starting next month. They are in the final stage of moving their home and business from Carcassonne. Which means that they have some books and home items that they’d like to get rid of (sell for a low price) before they leave. Books priced from 2 – 5€; miscellaneous home items (decorative, porcelain, etc.) at similarly low prices.
They, and we, will be at their storefront on Wednesday 23 June (9-12h, 14-17h). If anyone would like to stop by, say Hi, and see if there are some books or things that interest them, that would be great. Not a bad excuse to re-visit La Cité now that there is some activity, but not yet too many tourists.
Thank you! And we hope you’re enjoying the summer weather at last!

▫️ TRAVEL NEWS – From France’s point of view. (🔸 =New)

🔸 17/06: Indonesia may start to reopen its borders in July, but it is not clear how.
🔸 17/06: The UK is considering re-allowing vaccinated Britons to travel. It is not yet known whether vaccinated Europeans will be able to enter the kingdom without quarantine.
🔸 17/06: Ireland to reopen its borders without quarantine on 19 July.
🔸 17/06: Latvia has reopened its borders.
🔸 17/06: Hungary will reopen its borders on 24 June.
🔸 17/06: The list of green, orange and red countries for entry to and exit from France has been updated:

▸ Canada, USA move to green list (but these countries do not yet allow travellers from Europe)

▸ Turkey moves to orange list

▸ Afghanistan, Maldives and Paraguay move to red list

🔸 17/06: Unvaccinated people without compelling reasons can now travel to French Polynesia if they have been in the US for at least 15 days (previously 1 month) even if they are not American.

16/06: Thailand gives itself 120 days to fully reopen its borders. Source
16/06: Malawi closes land and sea borders. Source : Email from Malawi Tourism Council

15/06: Morocco has reopened its air and sea borders.
15/06: The launch of the health pass in the European Union is scheduled for 1 July, but Member States retain the possibility of reintroducing certain travel restrictions, particularly in the case of variants. States agreed to harmonise the validity periods of PCR tests (no more than 72 hours before arrival at destination) and antigenic tests (no more than 48 hours). They also agreed that travelling children under 12 years of age should be exempt from testing and that minors travelling with their parents or an accompanying adult should not be required to undergo quarantine if the accompanying adult is not subject to it. However, the implementation of these decisions is not binding.

14/06: Vaccinated travellers will no longer need a PCR test to enter Kyrgyzstan from 19 June.
14/06: Vaccinated people no longer need to be tested to enter Bosnia and Herzegovina.

12/06: The first phase of the reopening of the borders of Mauritius will start on 15 July, provided you are vaccinated and test negative. A 14-day quarantine will be imposed. Unrestricted travel to Mauritius will not be possible until 1 October.

11/06: France is now placed by the Romanian authorities in the “yellow zone”, with reduced entry conditions. Travellers arriving from France are exempt from quarantine.
11/06: Vaccinated people no longer need to be tested to enter Honduras.

10/06: As of 21 June, it will be possible to download a certificate of vaccination, certified in accordance with European standards, with English subtitles, from the Health Insurance teleservice. This certificate will be part of the authorised proof for travelling within the European Union as of 1 July.

09/06: The United States on Tuesday took the first measured steps towards a return to international travel, easing its warning to people wishing to travel to several countries, including France, and announcing the creation of working groups with key partners to prepare for this resumption.
09/06: Vaccinated people can now travel outside the EU directly from France without compelling reasons. Non-vaccinated tourists can only leave Europe from a country other than France. See the rules for entering / leaving France
09/06 : Guadeloupe, Martinique and Saint-Martin : End of the compelling reason. PCR test less than 72 hours old, even for vaccinated persons. Self-isolation of 7 days for non-vaccinated persons.
09/06 : Reunion and Mayotte : End of the urgent reason only for vaccinated persons. PCR test of less than 72 hours.
09/06: French Polynesia: End of urgent reason only for vaccinated persons. PCR test less than 72 hours old.
09/06: French Guiana, New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna: Compelling reason maintained
09/06: Canada may begin to gradually open its border with the United States to vaccinated people from 22 June.





Just received this warning a few minutes ago at 18:30

Be careful in Carcassonne

Strong storm approaching your area. Risk of violent gusts of wind, hail, run-off. We invite you to limit your movements, to secure your property likely to be damaged and to follow the instructions of the authorities.

▫️ THE FABULOUS FRIDAY (FUNNIES) GROANS from Paul (6 days late or 1 day early)


🔸 55 weird objects seen on Mars, explained 

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