New toy

This rather large packet was delivered yesterday afternoon and left in the entrance hall which was not so convenient.

I decided I would attempt to move it in the office which is where the contents will be assembled. Prior to do this, I had to remove the door to the office to make some space, take my armchair out into the living room (for the time being). That was easier said than done. I cannot remember out we got the armchair in that room in the first place.

Then came the not so easy part. The package weighs 80 kg and I had to lift it up on its side before dragging it into the office. That is an effort I could have done without.

Once in the office and after a recuperation period, I decided to unpack it. The instruction highly recommended 2 persons to put it together but with a fair amount of ingenuity (even if I say so myself) and use of levers I managed to assemble the beast.

I did try it for a short while this morning and everything appears to be functional

Will it be used as often as expected?

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1 Response to New toy

  1. Renia Maybanks says:

    We’ve assembled, dis-assembled and moved our treadmill a few times now and it gets no easier! Enjoy using it. I chiefly use it in the winter months…

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