Dax memories

Many moons ago, one summer in the early 70’s three of us spent our holidays at my parent’s place in the South of France.

We decided to rent one these small motorbikes each and we found exactly waht we wanted in the bike shop place des Lyces in St Tropez (the shop is no longer there).

We spend a few days cruising along the coast following each other at speed along the well known sinuous roads. In the evening we went night clubbing in the “Cacabaria in Cavalaire” till early hours of the morning after which, having taken the precaution of carrying sleeping bags on the bike, we ended up on the beach for a kip.

To complete the story, we had driven from Paris in an old Peugeot 203 which my friend Christian and I shared. To complicate matters, we had also bought a sailing boat and namely a Fenneck which we managed to secure on the roof of the car.

We avaided motorways, had a minor breakdown in the middle of the night when a rubber hose broke but we fixed that and made it to the south of France.

Wonderful memories

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