Walk Sentier Sculpturel

Despite an extremely strong wind, “un vent à décorner les boeufs” as we say in French “which literally translated means “a wind to knock off the horns of oxes” or simply a wind that will blow you away, we went for a hike this afternoon. I have to admit that once or twice it felt like I was actually being blown away. One positive side of it is that on an incline just before reaching the “Col de la Croix”, the wind was pushing us forward making the uphill climb unoticeable.

The Sculpture Trail is a hiking trail located in the commune of Mayronnes in Aude (11). This route of approximately 5.2 kilometres represents an average of 1h30 of walking.

Several small streams in a majestic setting in the heart of the Corbières and the Val de Dagne, admire the many sculptures that guide your way. Surprising and magical, in the heart of the Corbières, Art and Nature meet here in a route full of surprises and discoveries.

I do not think I have missed many of the sometimes weird sculptures

Not the longest hike but a lot of up and down in sometimes very rocky paths.

The hike is from Sentiers de France

Glad to be home with a nice cup of tea. Whisky would be better but as you all know I have started another alcohol free diet exactly a week ago.

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2 Responses to Walk Sentier Sculpturel

  1. Aline says:

    Chez nous, on dit : « Il fait un mistral à arracher la queue aux ânes ». J’ai fait comme toi, je me suis acheté des bâtons de marche. Ça m’a bien aidée pour marcher au bord de l’eau. Bisous

    Aline Lantrua 06 22 41 21 85


    • JJS says:

      J’avoue que sans les bâtons j’aurai eu du mal le week-end dernier. Beaucoup de rochers ou ils m’ont servis a préserver mon équilibre. Et question “sport”, le haut du corps et les bras travaillent. C’est un peu encombrant quand je veux faire des photos mais on trouve toujours un moyen.

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