Flower power

One of the new plants has started flowering. What a complex flower!

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3 Responses to Flower power

  1. Siegrid says:

    Passiflora…It’s flowering quite early at yours. Mine just start to make new branches and leaves, but they might grow less (cold)wind protected as I make them grow like a curtain, as a sight protection. They make nice orange-yellow fruits however not eatable but quite decorative.

  2. Kerstin Wallenhauer says:

    HI JJ,
    I missed you on Insta and FB and was really surprised to find you again on LinkedIn. Great to see your posts again. Times are quite weird presently. Did you already get your vaccination? I don’t even know when, but I am still waiting.
    We had spring here the week before last, but in the last 10 hours we have got a lot of snow. Hopefully, my little plants on the balcony will survive:-)
    Take care and stay healthy.

    Warm regards,

    • JJS says:

      Hi Kiki, good to hear from you. We are hre in a similar situation, maybe not as strict as it has been in Germany. Our area is one of the lowest in terms of cases. We are nevertheless extremely careful and are lucky enough to have had our 1st injection 3 weeks or so ago.
      Obviously we are not planning any trips anywhere at the moment and have cancelled quite a few things in the past 12 months. We were briefly in Hannover last Septembre to welcome our 3rd grandchild Maxime. I have no idea when we shall be able to go again.
      We have opened the pool this past week when the sun was shining but like you it has turned colder today. No snow mind you. DO take care and keep in touch. Kiss. JJ

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