I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago something about Cochonou and what it represents for the Tour de France.

In the meantime I found an article from a journalist “Nicolas Boussu” which says a lot more and is worth translating

© Nicolas Boussu – Translation © J2S

Dedicated to bob hats and cochonnaille lovers.

How to explain that a piece of red and white checkerboard fabric reminiscent of our great-grandmothers’ tablecloths causes such a craze on the roadside. “A bob, a bob if you please!” A plea heard for five hours. During all the journey of the caravan. No really Cochonou, it is an institution of the Tour de France. And its bob, the most coveted pearl of the spectators. We know this because we followed the Carcassonne-Quillan stage in one of the seven Cochonou vehicles, with Damien, the driver, and Camille, the communicator.

Ten tons of sausage

Cochonou, the good sausage as we like it at home, has 110 000 bobs to distribute on the Grande Loop for 15 millions of July holiday makers… One week before the end of the race, the brand has already almost no more. So… So, we fall back on the sausage. A sausage that it is really very good! I know it, I chewed ten packets in the car! Cochonou distributes ten tons on the Tour! Yes, 10 tons! No more and no less, 500 kg per stage.

There are about fifteen of them crisscrossing France, in July, for the sausage seller. Girls, men, students, but not only… The atmosphere is one of open camaraderie on the pavement. Kisses, hearts, applause during all the course. A lot of warmth, from above, from the right and from the left.

At the wheel, one minute and 30 seconds of respite in five hours of driving. For the pee break. The sandwich is at the wheel. The pie? Also. Forget about a nap. Me, I will never forget my passage in the “deudeuche” limousine Cochonou. An automobile specimen of which there are only three examples in the world. And you should know that I leave my car one day with a bag full of Cochonou bobs. I say that, I say nothing… 

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