And they are off…

Thanks to a daring feat and some in-house help, I got out of the hospital safely yesterday morning. I have to go back before the 9am call on Monday. All joking aside it’s better than the hotel. “Don’t worry sir, you can leave your things, we’ll lock the room. “We have prepared your medicine bag with the pills in separate bags marked for each day morning, noon and night”. “Have a good time and do not forget to come back”.

I have rarely seen such a nice and friendly bunch of people.

I arrived home in time to go to the “village” of the Tour de France.

I had a coffee with friends and found myself not even 100 m from home to watch the start of the caravan and the riders set off on today’s stage.

For those who are not familiar, there is no Tour de France without Cochonou. That is something that everyone knows and if you are applying for French nationality (I know a few who are currently in the process), it might come up in the required interviews.

Lazy afternoon after that. Just what the doctor ordered.

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