Escapade to Lyon & surroundings

Day 1

On the spur on the moment a couple of weeks ago I decided to attend the classic car show in Lyon known as epoqu‘auto. I immediately wrote to my friends from the old gang – La Bande – (so easy nowadays with email) and two responded that they were interested. Even better, one of the two in fact invited us to stay at his place and drive to the exhibition centre in his Volvo Amazon classic car.

9:01am So right now, I am sitting on the train which will take us to Valence near Lyon which is where we are going to be picked up. We are just leaving Narbonne train station where my friend Philippe joined me.

Quite a fast journey and we got off at Valence where our friend Sem, has planned, was waiting for us. In fact his daughter and 2 grand children were also there because they were taking a train towards the south a few minutes later. I am glad I had the opportunity to see her, last time was probably 20 years ago.

Sem drove us back to their house 1h15 or so away in the very small village of Arzay.

We arrived safely and had a proper look around the house and surroundings.

A short while later our friend JL, who also lives in this part of the world and 1 hour away , arrived for the planned late lunch and namely a „Raclette“.

We of course had to inspect the Volvo car and JL gave some tips how to fix door joints etc.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening reminiscing the old days and listening to the music we use to listen to in 1968…

and for the insiders Project “N” was discussed at length and I shall report shortly about it.

Day 2

Today is expo day. Time to start the beast which will take us there. It started immediately („au quart de tour“ as we say in French) and we were off.

It takes an hour to get there via country roads. We are directed to car park 4 which is free of charge and reserved for classic cars. It is actually worth having a good look around the car park. Quite a few oldies to be seen.

But of course the main attraction is inside and in the halls

It took a bit of searching, but we found the Volvo Club where our friend Sem was in his element and chatted quite a while with other members he knew.

We left him alone and went to look at some old bikes and go for a deserved and needed drink.

We parted way with Sem who drove back home alone and we took the tram & bus to Lyon‘s town centre.

It was fairly easy to find the Ibis hotel and we decided to stay in for the evening which started with an apéritif at the hotel bar,

followed by dinner in the hotel restaurant „Courte Paille“ where maybe a bit too much wine was consumed. As a result we made quite a few phone calls to friends we have seen for a while.

Day 3

10:12 am Checked out of the hotel a couple of hours ago to go and explore the area.

Lyon appears to be quite nice. Worth a weekend break in the not too distant future. Currently sitting in Modjo bar for my morning cappuccino.

11:15 am I am now sitting comfortably in the fast TGV train to Montpellier where I shall have to change trains.

Currently travelling at 286 kmh and should reach my 1st destination in 1h30. Aperitif time is approaching so I think I shall make my way to the bar on board which magically is in the next car…

13:27 Change of train. I am now in the Intercité from Montpellier to Bordeaux stopping in Carcassonne.

14:30 Finally home in Carcassonne, just a short walk from the train station to my house partly along the Canal du Midi which has been emptied on some sections for maintenance. This is not an issue because the boat traffic stops end of Octobre and restarts in May.

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