Irish adventures

Off to Ireland for a few days for a small tour of the country. There is a direct flight from Carcassonne to Dublin with my least favorite airline Ryanair which we need to take advantage of. Car hire and all hotels are booked from Dublin to Limerick to Kilrush to Cork and back in Dublin. I also have lists of pubs and restaurants which I intend to try out en route.

Quite a pleasant flight actually. The plane was only half full so we could spread a little.

Made it to Dublin late afternoon and went straight to the pub after checking in at the hotel. The obligatory Guiness is excellent.

The place is full of life despite the not so warm weather. Pubs and restaurants everywhere. I particularly liked this one „The Hairy Lemon“

We settle for a Moroccan restaurant and are lucky to find a table available. Excellent food and good service.

Back at the hotel bar for a pleasant night cap. They have a Real Ale special offer running


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2 Responses to Irish adventures

  1. KiKi says:

    Great! Have fun and a wonderful trip.🍀☀️🍺

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