Irish adventures II

Awake fairly early. In my case not the best night. Always the same on the first night on a new bed. Also for some unknown reason I felt hungry which could not be the case. Inthe realised I was longing for the English breakfast I have not had in a while.

The breakfast rooms are extremely cosy and comfortable but in the end, we decided to go to the main bar / restaurant.

The plan today is to explore the town on foot this morning and pick up the hired car early afternoon for the drive to Limerick.

The general aim is the famous Guiness Storehouse.

Dublin is a collection of churches, distilleries and pubs as well as a few green parcs.

Finally we make it to Guiness

The visit is very well organised and interesting

At the top of the building, there is the so-called Gravity Bar which offers nice views of the city and is where one can enjoy free samples.

I have to admit that the pint I tasted was excellent and possibly needed

We made our way back, on foot, to the town centre and the Temple Bar area which is full of pubs

We arrived at the car hire people to pick up the reserved car by 2 pm as planned and hit the road towards Limerick for our next overnight stop.

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