Irish adventures VII


Driving back to Dublin today. The plan is to get there in time for lunch. There is still plenty of exploring to do. I also want to enjoy a few more pints of Guinness since I shall not be doing any more driving.

The drive was pleasant enough and it took just under 3 hours to reach our hotel in Dublin Dockland. Too early to check in of course but we could deposit our luggage and head off to return the hired car before 2 pm as planned.

It served us well for the 758km driven around

The car hire people being located in China Town, we took the opportunity to have lunch there.

Far too large portions were served so a walk was urgently needed. A nasty shower was avoided by diving in a coffee shop for an espresso.

The walk towards the Temple Bar area resumed.

The question was, which beer?

It is now time to head east along the river to the hotel

We can check in and have a rest

Not feeling like going out this evening so we decide to spend our last night in the hotel bar. The whisky is good, the staff eager and friendly.

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