Polynesia- Day 9

Today is our last half day on board Early start as usual. 6:30 and everyone is on deck fighting for coffee or tea.

The sea is calm and the sun is up

Bora Bora in the distance

First order of the day is the so-called Coral 🪸 Garden and is a couple of minutes away with the annexe.

Located between the two islands is a corridor of 400 to 500 metres long and possibly 50 to 100 metres wide with a fairly strong current flowing through. Corals and the associated fish 🐠 population flourish. The water is not deep.

The idea is to walk to the start and let the current carry you through the make of corals. You simply float and observe through your snorkelling mask 🤿. One of the best thing I have done in a long time. Did it twice in fact.

I have tried making some videos

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