Polynesia – Day 10

Slept very well for our 1st night on Terra Firma and namely on the island of Raiatea.

Up early watching the ocean from our beach bungalow before going to get some breakfast.

Nice spot for breakfast

Today we want to drive around the island. Not a problem in our rental vehicle. We are prepared for 4WD adventures if needed.

On the southern and western part of the island the nature is pretty wild and somehow very well kept.

There is not much on the island, a handful of very small villages, a couple of marinas. In the main small town there is a maritime port where cruise ships, one at a time, can dock which is the case today.

We had reserved lunch in one of the best restaurants, at least that is what we thought but they had no records of it. There are not that many restaurants and on top of that today is Sunday meaning almost everything is closed.

We finally find a so-called snack next to the ocean. The beer is good and lunch excellent and needed.

Back to the bungalows in the afternoon for a lazy afternoon punctuated by the sight of rays making a racket in the water. Mating season apparently.

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