Polynesia – The Journey back

Day 1

Our 777 to Los Angeles

7:40 am scheduled departure. I have been up a couple of hours after a not so good night. I shall find sleep on the plane for sure.

In the meantime, the lounge is quite pleasant and offers a good selection of snacks.

I have a feeling I might be comfortable enough for the next 8 hours.

Very nice flight, excellent service

Then hell broke loose. Landed in LAX and were faced with the long long immigration queue and long long wait for the shuttle to the hotel.

The hotel shuttle driver offered to take us to one of the local Mexican eatery and to pick us up when finished. After checking in and dropping our luggage in our rooms, we took his offer. I have to say that I have never been a fan of american eateries and fast food places (I refuse to call tehm restaurants).

Not the most refined place but the beer was fine and needed

One quick call and the driver was there to pick us up again to take us back to the hotel.

The next morning going out for a walk I discovered that next to the hotel was a Carvery which looked a bt more up market… I should have consulted my phone before we decided to take the driver’s offer.

Day 2

2:30 am and wide awake, making the most of the relatively fast Wifi to update files, download boarding passes etc etc

Breakfast at 9am after a few hours of deep sleep.

There are 6 hours to go before our flight and 3 before we depart for the airport so a walk around the block to get some fresh air is a good idea.

Airport shuttle booked for midday

Speedy check in, even more speedy security check

It gives us time to enjoy a nice drink in the lounge.

“One World” lounge

It is another Air France 777 (Business Class) which is taking us to Paris in just under 12 hours

I am going to enjoy the next 12 hours

Click pics for video

Taking off
First turn
Fantastic view

After another excellent flight and a few hours of deep sleep, we land in Paris late morning. We have a very tight connection for our next short hop to Toulouse, fortunately the flight is delayed an hour or so and we can relax.

We arrive home after the hour’s drive from to Toulouse mid-afternoon

End of a brilliant holiday

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