Lunch in Sète

And why not, it is more or less the equidistant point between some of our locations (Perpignan, Carcassonne, Montelimar, not quite so with Grenoble).

Anyway we decided to meet there for a leisurely lunch. Séte is the biggest French fishing port in the Mediterranean so obviously it had to be a sea-food restaurant. We selected „La Marine“.

All of us turned up more or less at the agreed time and had to do a bit a news catching up. The food was very good.

A short walk around town was necessary to digest

Before hitting the road back to our respective towns. We decided it was a good meeting point and will do it again.

May I take the opportunity to remind everyone that the « Escale à Sète » boat show will be back in April 2022. As far as I am concerned, not to be missed and maybe another occasion for a meeting.

I was there the last time it took place in 2018

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1 Response to Lunch in Sète

  1. Aline says:

    Je suis en train de me dire que, Sète, je pourrais peut-être y aller… si je vais bien… Pour un prochain rendez-vous avec vous tous. Cela me ferait tellement plaisir. Et puis, je verrai le chien de Jean-Louis. Il a l’air sympa. Comment vas-tu ? Tu vas consulter ? On ne va pas te lâcher ! Bisous bisous


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