A few days away

Day 1

Made it to Lyon early afternoon after an easy and fast journey on the motorway. It did not take long to find the hotel and check in before going out and find a suitable parking for the night. That done, we were able to deamble through town and look at shop windows. As it happens tomorrow is „Black Friday“ and major reductions are being advertised everywhere.

So the plan is to spend tomorrow morning shopping, fill up the boot of the car and make our way to the next destination. I have spotted a couple of shops which look very interesting.

We have reserved a table this evening at a typical local restaurant. One of the famous „Bouchon“ and namely „La mère maquerelle“ which is a few minutes away on foot from the hotel.

Before dinner, an aperitif at the hotel bar is a must. Local white wines of course.

The restaurant is a few minutes walking away and it turns out to be exactly how we had envisaged. Food is good, wine is excellent.

Back to the hotel for a night cap. No rush tomorrow.

Day 2

The 1st order of the day is some serious shopping due to the black Friday sales and indeed we do just that.

Late morning is time for a coffee is an excellent bar / restaurant.

Around midday, we pick up the car, go back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and we set up north for the next leg. We arrive in Vezelay around 4pm, my 1st brother and spouse shortly afterwards.

Day 3

Busy day today

Day 4

Time to head back south. After breakfast we part company with my brother and head to Montelimar where we are expected at my friends C&T for dinner and stay the night.

The drive down is pretty dicy (or should I say icy) in a couple of places where we encounter a couple of mini snow storms.

We make mid-afternoon and it is a very welcoming feeling, even better when the bottle of whisky comes out.

We have a great time catching up on the news and planning new events. I manage to call my friends G&F who just arrived from Iran and find out they are spending the night in Lyon on the way down to Pezenas the next day. This means they will be passing a few hundred metres away from us so on the spur of the moment, they are invited for lunch. All in all an excellent evening.

Day 5

I am currently downloading my daily Covid-19 data for my files which will be updated as soon as I get home later today. I am also taking the opportunity whilst I am alone (the girls have just gone out to get the croissants for breakfast) to do a short update of this post.

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