Away time


Day 1

Easy drive to Barcelona, it took only 2h40 to reach the town centre from home and another few minutes to get to the hotel. Although we arrived early, our room was ready and we could settle in before parking the car and look for a spot to eat. It did not take long to find the ideal tapas place. Warm enough to sit outside, on top of that the needed beer was excellent.

Looking at the map, it is not far to go on foot to the famous Basilica De la Sagrada Familia.

So off we go. We have tried a couple of times in the past to get in without success but this time we are able to buy tickets on line for an immediate entrance.

I‘ll photoshop the crane away from my home computer

Back at the hotel for a rest before heading out to a restaurant I have booked months ago. The plan is to walk there.

We find the said restaurant „Tapeo“ after some 30 minutes walk. The food is excellent and I can certinly recommend the place.

On the way home we stopped at this cocktail bar called „Tabu lounge“

Final night cap at the hotel. Being a member of the club allows us for a free welcome drink. It would be a shame to miss it.

All in all, quite a pleasant day. Did some walking too which compensâtes with the amount of tapas which were enjoyed.

Day 2

Not a brilliant night sleep, always the same when in a new bed. As a result up earlier than planned. After a nice breakfast, it is time to go and find the car. Despite the sunshine and blue sky it is quite chilly outside.

The drive to the airport is easy and only takes 20 minutes. We have to kill a couple of hours but it might be too early for a beer.

Soon it is time to board and fly away. We are dead on time and the weather is good. We are treated to so e greats views along the way.

Soon after departure in a south westerly direction (runway 25L was used) we turn around and fly past Barcelona. Great view of the town and the Pyrenees in the north.

The pilot then sets across the Mediteranean towards Marseille. What a view of my favorite town.

Soon the scenery changes and we reach the Alps

It does not take too long to reach and cross Germany before landing in Hannover which happens to be the one I used the most in my life so far.

The hire car was waiting for us as planned. We settle at our daughter‘s house after a noisy welcome from the 3 dogs.

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