36 hours in Montpellier

We had an official appointment in Montpellier and we decided to make the most of it and go there and include an overnight stay.

It is not really worth it to go by car. The train from Carcassonne is direct and slightly faster and extremely comfortable.

The hotel we chose is conveniently located in the town centre next to the Place de la Comedie and only a few hundred yards from the train station.

First things first and a good lunch is needed a few hundred yards away from our rendez-vous point early in the afternoon.

The appointment, although frustrating due to the fact that our contact had not turned up for work due to Covid and we were left sitting for a couple of hours before a replacement took charge, was a success. All is well which ends well.

Préfecture de l’Hérault

After a celebration drink, the evening is ours to find a place to eat followed by a night-cap. The Xmas market is in full swing and apparently well organised. It is self contained and no entrance possible if you do not have a health pass. A far better organisation than back home in Carcassonne.

After a good night sleep, it is time to go and explore the town and hit the shops. I really like the place. The old town is full of very small streets with a lot of hidden gems and a lot of shops of all kind.

My favorite shop, of course, was the comic book shop…

Lunch is outside, under cover but outside.

It is time to walk to the train station and catch the train home

All in all a very satisfactory 36 hours

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