Un día en el museo

We decided to finally go to Spain to visit the Dali museum. It was originally planned in 1BC (Before Covid) together with some friends from the UK. Obviously it had to be cancelled.

This time we are with our friends K & P from Germany.

The town of Figueres in Spain is only 165 km (100 miles) away. We had booked / reserved tickets for 1pm so we had time for a coffee and a couple of tapas.

Not very warm in Spain today. The museum is not difficult to find with its impressive outside.

We had to wait a few minutes before being allowed in. Some interesting views. I did not know he had such an interest in tyres.

The inside is extremely interesting. It is impossible to photograph everything.

We had booked a hotel in advance. It is located a few hundred meters from the museum and easy to fin. I can highly recommend it. Thank you S&G for the tip.


Réservation for dinner were made for 8pm which gave us time for a rest followed by a discovery walk in town which was remarkably busy for a Sunday evening. Many shops were open and we of course had to have a small aperitif.

One of Dali’s work

Dinner at the hotel’s restaurant Pelegri was excellent and despite the fact that today was the staff party evening, the service was very good and deserved the larger than usual tip I gave.

It was a long day and the bed was welcome

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3 Responses to Un día en el museo

  1. Graham Wright says:

    JJ – Looks absolutely fascinating so sorry we missed our opportunity to go with you in March 2020 due to covid lockdown! Hopefully we’ll make it there with you one day – fabulous photos which give you an indication of how incredible Dali’s imagination was – best wishes Graham

  2. Alice says:

    Fascinating visit! Thanks for sharing your experience and information about your stay!

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