Viva España

Day 2 of 2

After a pleasant breakfast, we set off towards the coast. The plan is to take the coastal road back to France.

Before we leave the town of Figueres, there is a bit of shopping to do and namely Gin to drink and a large leg of ham to eat. You cannot beat the prices.

We head first towards Roses, which brings back a few memories, before driving through Llança and Portbou where the border with France is located.

We carry on to Banyuls-sur-Mer for a 1st stop and recover from the winding road (especially the passengers). The weather is pleasant and very mild and the drinks feel good.

Back in the car for the fairly short drive to Le Barcares.

Back in the car for the fairly short drive to Le Barcarès.

The plan is to show my friends the very special Christmas Market there. It is opened till January 9th.

After a snack and a drink we set off home where we celebrate the past 2 days with a very pleasant apéritif dinatoire with some of the stuff we purchased earlier in the day.

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