Polynesia – Day 1

Landed in Papeete extremely early and earlier than scheduled at 5:30 am. By the time we are through immigration and collect the rented car (quite a small one for 4 adult passengers and 2 pieces of luggage each) an hour has gone by.

We decide to drive to our booked guest house but of course it is far too early to check in and the rooms will not be available before 3 pm. We can however offload our luggage and change into something more appropriate for the heat.

We decide to drive all around the island of Tahiti on a discovery tour but before that a hot drink is needed. We stop at a very pleasant boulangerie on the way to the town centre and it is also an opportunity to get local cash from the ATM next door.

It is not difficult to find the coastal road, there is only one and we are off on a clockwise direction.

Venus point and the black sand beach

We make a couple more stops en route

Even find a beach to go swimming. The sun is extremely powerful so we do not stay too long unprotected.

And eventually arrive at the excellent Guest House by 3 pm

Here we have time to relax, make use of the jacuzzi, shower before going out for dinner at the Blue Banana restaurant.

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