Polynesia – Day 3

Later this afternoon we intend to catch the ferry and move across to Moorea. Hopefully I can find a WiFi connection to update my posts.

Breakfast has been delivered

We have a few hours to kill so we decide to go for a drive. We stop along the way to investigate a couple of interesting spots.

Then it is time to pick up our luggage and make our way to the port to buy the tickets for the ferry. We have enough time to go for a bite across the road.

Then board the ferry for the 45’ crossing

Map of Moorea with location of hotel

Arriving in Moorea

View from the ferry
View from the ferry

The rented car awaits us at the port and it does not take long to drive to our accommodation and settle in.

Magical and soothing dip in the pool

It was a bit difficult to find a place for dinner. There is not much to start with and being Sunday most of it is closed.

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