Polynesia – Day 13

The blue spot is our location

First full day on Bora Bora. We have organised to be picked up early afternoon by the H2O guys who will, with their boat, show us this famous lagoon. We expect to do a lot of snorkeling and see a lot of fish of all sorts.

But right now it is breakfast time, sitting outside off course.

Not a bad spot really

Just had a chat with our neighbour about his boat which is superbly coloured. His pride and joy since 9 years. New colours since 3 years.

Went for a walk in search for a coffee but no luck. It is time for a swim anyway.

Believe me, the water is even better than what it looks like on the picture.

Spent the afternoon on a boat and in the water. Came across many great and small things. Videos I took will not load from here so here are a couple of screen shots.

This one is dedicated to my friend Laure
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