Polynesia – Day 14

Had a fairly good night sleep, the intense water exercises yesterday certainly had something to do with it. I have to admit that some of last night dreams included colorful fishes.

Breakfast is over and it is time to relax. We are extremely lucky with the house we rented. The location could not be better.

Today is our day on Bora Bora, moving on westward tomorrow morning.

Having some time for myself this morning, I have tried once again to upload all my pictures and videos in the cloud but it is proving to be impossible. It will have to wait till I get home.

Time flies doing very little and it is time for lunch. Why not try the Inter Continental next door?

Today is kind of a lazy days after yesterday’s snorkelling marathon.

Back to the hotel next door for a couple of Happy Hour cocktails 🍸

Mai Tai

For the last dinner on the island, we walk the few hundred yards to “Bora Bora Beach Club”

Whilst having dinner, we watch some manta rays in the very shallow water.

I have been up since 1am. Simply cannot sleep. Sitting outside watching the stars and listening to the distant rumble of the waves breaking over the reef. Here in the lagoon, the ocean is calm, not a ripple on the surface.

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