Polynesia – Day 15

Moving from Bora Bora to Maupiti today.

Although the island is only 40km away and visible from our current position, we could not find direct flights available and must fly back to Raiatea and fly to Maupiti from there. The flight times are incredibly short we must however spend 3 hours in Raiatea.

Last swim here

The water is ever so calm this morning, got to make the most of it.

Taxi was on time, shuttle boat to the airport (BOB) as well. We are quite early in fact.

So I guess it is bye bye Bora Bora

So it is bye bye Bora Bora

Video link will follow

And hello Maupiti

The airport

Maupiti is another kettle of fish. Locals say it is how Bora Bora was 30 years ago. Basically it is pretty wild still and very little infrastructure. Our accommodation for the next 2 nights is pretty basic.

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